Language and Music

Sharing Music With Your Child:

A wonderful way to develop language

Many of us can think of a song from our childhood that brings special memories. When we sing, we often don’t think about what music brings to our life. Music is one of the best ways to give your child a strong foundation for language development.

Rhymes and music have the power to comfort, relax and entertain your child.

Through rhymes and music, children can learn new actions and words and have fun at the same time.

Children do not get bored hearing or singing the same song over and over. Be sure to repeat, repeat, and repeat again. That’s how children learn.

Singing is fun for children. It provides them with important skills that will help in reading development. Songs that have rhyming words like “Down By the Bay” are both fun and develop skills that will help children, as they learn to read.

You can sing familiar songs and rhymes with your child, or you can make up your own songs, during clean up, dressing, eating and bath time. Use a familiar tune and create a bath time, bed time or meal time song. Examples include: “This is the way we wash our hair, wash our hair, wash our hair…” or to the tune of Frere Jacques: “Put your socks on, put your socks on, on your feet, on your feet”.

There is no right or wrong way to sing or share rhymes with your child. The most important thing is that you are spending time together and you are helping your child learn new words and concepts that will help him throughout his life. More information about Language and Music can be found is these power point slides.